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Professor Horvath is a leading international researcher in the field of forensic psychology, specifically Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG). She is co-editor of the second edition of The Cambridge Handbook of Forensic Psychology (2021, Cambridge University Press) and is currently editing the second edition of her extremely successful co-edited text Rape: Challenging Contemporary Thinking (2022, Routledge). In 2020 Professor Horvath founded the which brings together researchers providing opportunities to meet regularly, share ongoing, completed and planned research in a supportive environment. 

Professor Horvath has nearly 20 years of research experience. Throughout her career Professor Horvath has worked closely with the third sector, businesses, law enforcement agencies, health services and policy makers to ensure that her research and teaching are focused on practical solutions to real-world problems and creating change.

Funding for Professor Horvath’s research has been gained from a wide range of funders including Against Violence & Abuse, Avon & Somerset Police, National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children, Office of the Children’s Commissioner, NHS, Ministry of Justice, Home Office, British Transport Police, Tender Education & Arts, and The Government Equalities Office.

Professor Horvath is often asked to provide expert advice on policy and practice developments to national and local statutory and non-statutory organisations (e.g. Department for Culture, Media and Sport; Ministry of Justice, Home Office, Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, numerous police forces). In 2013 Professor Horvath was the David Jenkins Chair in Forensic and Legal Medicine (an honorary Chair awarded annually to a ‘person of eminence’ by the . Professor Horvath is regularly invited to deliver talks at national and international conferences to practitioners, policy makers and academics and in 2018 she debated at the . She is often approached by journalists seeking comment or advice and has been quoted by the ,  and the .

Professor Horvath is experienced in developing and delivering courses for traditional undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as professional cohorts. During her time as the David Jenkins Chair in Forensic and Legal Medicine she contributed to the Faculty of Forensic and Legal Medicines’ of the Royal College of Physicians CPD programme. Professor Horvath also has a long track record of excellent teaching and administration at the university level. She regularly uses online and innovative teaching methods and was awarded the University of Surrey Teaching with New Technology Award in 2009. In 2020 she was nominated for the Middlesex University student-led teaching award for ‘Outstanding Wellbeing & Student Support’. In the past Professor Horvath was the programme leader for the MSc in Forensic Psychology at Middlesex University.

Professor Horvath has extensive external examining and reviewing experience including for University of Birmingham, Huddersfield University, Bucks New University, University of Kent, University of Gloucestershire, Queensland University of Technology Australia, University of South Wales, University of Granada Spain and the National Policing Improvement Agency.


Current PhD Students

Ngozi Fulani, thesis title: How does African/Caribbean Music inform Domestic Abuse and Racism in the UK African & Caribbean Heritage Community. Supervisor with Dr Katherine Allen (Primary supervisor) and Dr Rzepnikowska Phillips.

Olga Khokhlova, thesis title: Perception of marital rape: the role of level of resistance, sexual deprivation and jealousy. Primary supervisor with Dr Katherine Allen and Dr Nishtha Lamba (Middlesex University Dubai)

India Ingram-Hawkes, thesis title: Harm in policing. Funded by Operation Soteria Bluestone, candidate based at Bournemouth University. Supervisor with Dr Kari Davies (Primary Supervisor) and Dr Mark Manning.

Lily Hill, thesis title: Trajectories of sex offenders. Funded by Operation Soteria Bluestone, candidate based at Bournemouth University. Supervisor with Dr Kari Davies (Primary Supervisor) and Dr Terri Cole.

Zoe Callon, thesis title: Rape myths and stereotypes in policing. Funded by Operation Soteria Bluestone, candidate based at Bournemouth University. Supervisor with Dr Kari Davies (Primary Supervisor).

Sophie Barrett, thesis title: Interpersonal behaviours of sex offenders. Funded by Operation Soteria Bluestone, candidate based at Bournemouth University. Supervisor with Dr Kari Davies (Primary Supervisor) and Dr Terri Cole.

Arianna Barbin, thesis title: Specialism in Policing Rape and Sexual Offences. University of Suffolk. Funded by Operation Soteria Bluestone. Prinary supervisor with Dr Kari Davies (Bournemouth University) and Dr Mark Manning.

Ioana Crivatu, thesis title: Factors Prompting Decisions to Walk Away from Opportunities of MPR: A Mixed-methods Investigation. Primary Supervisor with Dr Jeffrey DeMarco (Middlesex University)

Ellouise Long, thesis title: A proposed typology of trolling using smallest space analysis. Candidate based at Middlesex University. Supervisor with Dr Susan Hansen (Primary supervisor)


PhD Students Supervised to Completion

Maria Scally, thesis title; Child custody in the context of Intimate Partner Violence and Abuse. (Awarded 2022) Primary supervisor with Professor Joanna Adler, University of Hertfordshire, Dr Jeffrey DeMarco, Middlesex University and Professor Antonia Bifulco, Middlesex University.

Feyishola Apena-Rogers, thesis title: Understanding the commission process of sex offending on London railways: An integrated theoretical framework. (Awarded, 2019). Funded by British Transport Police. Primary supervisor with Professor Joanna Adler, University of Hertfordshire and Dr Jackie Gray, Middlesex University.

Astra Kassirim, thesis title: Indo- and Afro-Trinidadian women’s experience of domestic violence, somatization disorder and help-seeking: A mixed methodological analysis (Awarded, 2015). Funded by the Trinidad and Tobago Government. Primary supervisor with Dr Susan Hansen, Middlesex University and Dr Paul De Mornay Davies, Middlesex University.

Mackenzie Lambine, thesis title: Male Peer Support and Self-Regulation in Multiple Perpetrator Rape. (Awarded, 2015). Primary supervisor with Professor Joanna Adler, University of Hertfordshire.

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Professor Horvath’s research interests are focused on violence against women and girls (VAWG) and the professionals and agencies who work with victim-survivors and perpetrators. She has extensive research experience having conducted national and local multi-site, multi team, multi-strand evaluation and research projects in a range of applied forensic and community settings, including projects with a focus on women and children who have experienced sexual and domestic violence.  Professor Horvath uses mixed-methods in her research.

Professor Horvath is currently Pillar 1 lead for Project Bluestone/Operation Soteria research on the Investigation and intelligence of rape and serious sexual assault suspects funded by the Home Office.

Professor Horvath’s research on police investigations of rape and serious sexual offending, young people and pornography, lads mags, multiple perpetrator has attracted much national and international media attention including appearances on: BBC3; Woman's Hour and Call You & Yours on Radio 4, Voice of Russia, ABC Radio National (Australia), Spin 103.8 (Ireland) and coverage in various national newspapers and magazines in the UK, USA, Australia, Russia, Ireland and India.

Professor Horvath is an editorial board member of Women’s Studies International Forum and was an Associate Editor for the Journal of Sexual Aggression between 2099-2017. She regularly provides peer reviews for journals, publishers and funders, including:

Journals: Psychology, Crime and Law; Legal and Criminological Psychology; Thirdspace;  Crime, Law and Social Change; Journal of Police and Criminal Psychology, Feminist Criminology; Journal of Interpersonal Violence; Sex Roles: A Journal of Research; British Journal of Social Psychology; Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment, Child Abuse & Neglect; Culture, Health & Sexuality; the International Journal for Crime Justice and Social Democracy; Journal of Criminal Justice; Gender & History; Qualitative Methods in Psychology (QMiP) Bulletin; Transportation Research Part A: Policy and Practice; Journal of Sexual Aggression.

Publishers: Willan; Routledge, Palgrave Macmillan.

Funders: Economic and Social Research Council; Nuffield Foundation; Home Office; Sigrid Rausing Trust, The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation; The Royal Society of New Zealand: Marsden Fund; Ministry of Justice; Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse; Centre of Expertise on Child Sexual Abuse.

Public Output from Research and Scholarly Activity

Peer Reviewed Articles and Reports

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Other Forms of Public Output:

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Professor Horvath has extensive business engagement experience and has worked with a wide range of statutory and non-statutory organisations, NGOs and Charities including Lime Culture, the Department of Social Services Australian Government, the Home Office, BBC, British Psychological Society and British Transport Police.


Professor Horvath is a Chartered Psychologist (CPsychol) and Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society. She is a member of the Division of Forensic Psychology, British Psychological Society. She is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Professor Horvath is the founder of the , she is a member of the ; the  and the .