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The Digital Futures Institute is a leading regional digital hub for applied research, development, consultancy and training which has a strong technology focus. Bringing together our regional partners, University of Suffolk researchers, students and entrepreneurs are exploring the power of digital technologies to solve real-world problems.

Based on Adastral Park, the Institute brings BT plc Research and Development together with top experts from the university to provide digital transformation and open innovation to the East of England.

We have a high-tech facility at Adastral Park, Martlesham, where we offer the community of researchers, students and entrepreneurs a vibrant research and development environment. At DigiTech Centre, we can provide training, consultancy and postgraduate study opportunities, as well as leading-edge technology support and development.


Exploring the ways in which digital technologies can be used to create new digital environments and tools for work, study and leisure and the ways in which new technology can enhance the delivery and security of regional commercial and public services.


To become a world-leading international research institute in the use of digital technologies supported by cross-sectoral and multi-disciplinary ICT partnerships. Established to deliver applied research, knowledge exchange and innovation in digital futures targeted at public services, policy and development and open education platform.


The Digital Futures Institute brings top-class researchers, entrepreneurs and students together to explore the future of digital technology. Our community aims to support positive improvements across our services through a focus on three main Technology Themes:

  • Immersive Technologies 
  • Connected Data Technologies 
  • Networking and Security Technologies

If you would like to join our community, get involved with community development projects, sign up for training or postgraduate study, undertake technology consultations or have a tour of our high-tech facilities, please contact

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Our People

Professor Nicholas Caldwell

Professor Nicholas Caldwell is Professor of Information Systems Engineering at the University of Suffolk.

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Dr Kakia Chatsiou

Kakia is a Lecturer in Computing with expertise in machine learning, information management systems and data science.

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Dr Adam Clayden

Dr. Adam Clayden received his PhD from the University of Edinburgh (2019). He currently leads BSc (Hons) Games Development at University of Suffolk.

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Dr Adnane Ez-zizi

Dr Adnane Ez-zizi is a Senior Lecturer in Artificial Intelligence and Course Leader for the MSc Data Science and Artificial Intelligence.

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Steven Harris

Steve maintains an active interest in 'serious games' including, gaming for the visually impaired and early years educational games.

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Chris Janes

Chris was formerly a gameplay programmer who worked on various games, most notably Hidden: Source. His teaching includes software design and AI for games.

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Hisham Jaward

Hisham is a lecturer in Computing and AI. Work at previous universities in Monash, Bristol and Imperial College, UK, have included developing algorithms.

Hisham Jaward staff profile photo

Dr Maina Korir

Dr Maina Korir is a Lecturer in Cyber Security. Her Leverhulme-funded PHD research centered on ethics and privacy in learning analytics at the Open University.

Dr Chris Lewington

Dr Chris Lewington is a Senior Lecturer in Cyber Security, joining us in June 2019 after a successful career in finance, telecoms, defence and biotechnology.

Dr Felix Ngobigha

Dr Felix Ngobigha is a Senior Lecturer in Network Engineering and had previously been Scientific Officer with the Centre for Satellite Technology Development.

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Dave Pimm

Dave works on gaming projects and lectures in Computer Games Design with a particular interest in interactive narrative design and behavioural psychology.

Cara Webb

Cara is the Professional Assistant for the School of Technology, Business, and Arts.

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Salman Ahmed

Salman Ahmed is a Research Fellow at the DigiTech Centre, Digital Futures Institute.

  • Malcolm Beer - Business Development Manager
  • Emma Wakeling - Head of Business Development and Knowledge Exchange


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